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北部新聞台北市"2024 King’s Cup Taipei Open to the World - Who Will Rise...

“2024 King’s Cup Taipei Open to the World – Who Will Rise to the Challenge and Battle in Taipei!

The Department of Sports, Taipei City Government and Taiwan Dancesport Development Association jointly organize the "2024 King’s Cup Taipei Open to the World" which will be held at the Taipei Arena on Staurday, March 30th. As one of the world's top international standard ballroom dance competitions, this event will feature over 800 participants from 30 countries, including the UK, US, Canada, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Italy, Poland, Croatia, Spain, Iceland, Australia, Japan, South Korea, China, Hong Kong, Macao, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, Brunei, and Taiwan.

This event has been held in Taipei City for 13 years and the Taipei City Government Sports bureaucracy expressed its gratitude to the International Dance Organization and the Taiwan Sports Dance Development Association for their efforts to bring Taiwan to the international stage and shine a spotlight on Taipei City. Mayor Chiang Wan-an has made sports events a priority and the Sports Bureau will continue to organize international competitions such as the World Open, promoting Taipei City's international sports platform, and wishing the best of luck to domestic athletes to achieve outstanding results.

Currently, the event has received registration from the top 24 professional players in the world, as well as invited the world modern dance champion Stanislav Zelianin & Irina Cherepanova, world Latin dance runners-up Kirill Belorukov & Valeriya Aidaeva, and world Lifting dance runners-up Gerhard Petrus Van Rooyen & Cathryn  Elizabeth Swart to participate in this event. The day's program will also include a dance king superstar show, which is usually only available in Europe's Blackpool. However, in Taipei City, viewers will be able to watch such high-level world competitions and performances. The final match and dance king show program are expected to be even more exciting and unforgettable.

The Department of Sports, Taipei City Government is dedicated to promoting comprehensive development of sports in Taipei. It is gratifying to see high-level sports competitions presented to the citizens of Taipei. We hope to showcase Taiwan to the world, and this time we are collaborating with the Taiwan Dancesport Development Association. We aim to enhance the personal technical level of ballroom dancers and facilitate urban exchange and international exposure for Taipei, thus achieving the goal of city diplomacy. We welcome those who are interested in dance sports to come and watch the competition.